Targeted at group savings to and loans associations. Various payment functionalities available; members contribution, loans, savings, social funds, share out etc.

Postbank Visa debit card makes payments secure, easy and convenient.It can be used every day to pay for shopping at supermarkets, in departmental stores

Patacash is an upgraded mobile banking service ( enhancement of the SMS banking services) that now allows customers to transfer funds from their Postbank Account


Ms. Anne Karanja Postbank Kenya, Stephen Mukweli

(Postbank Uganda) and Sabasaba moshingi(TPB Bank PLC)

listen to a presentation during the ASBEA conference

Participants of the ASBEA

Conference sing the East African National Anthem

during the opening of the conference.

Ms. Esther Koimett, Director

General Public Investment and Portfolio Management,

national treasury gives her opening remarks during the ASBEA conference

Members of the Association of

Savings Banks in East Africa(ASBEA) pose for a photo

a group photo during the 15th annual conference held in Nairobi, Kenya.


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