M-Chama Groups Savings A/c

Product (service) targets both registered and unregistered groups (Chama’s) categorised in terms of formation as follows;
  • Any group that is officially registered by the government of Kenya under the Society Act whereby its operations are governed by a constitution through By-laws.
  • A group that is introduced to the bank by an NGO which the bank has signed an MOU with.


  • M-Chama ensures security of funds to members of a group; money safely in a bank account.
  • Ensures transparency in managing group funds; SMS notifications are sent designated members linked to the group account for tracking to reinforce accountability of their group officials.
  • Easy, secure and convenient access to group funds 24/7 using their mobile phones.
  • Provides choice/options for transactions; group members are able to deposit and withdraw at any Postbank branch, Mashinani agent and  M-Pesa outlets.
  • Various payment functionalities are available; namely:
    • Savings & Membership fee contribution
    • Loans disbursement & repayment
    • Social welfare funds collection & share out among others.
  • Flexible opening & operating balance.
  • Personalized card issued to group officials is exclusively operated over the counter.
  • Unlimited withdrawals; members can perform as many withdrawals as supported by the available account balance using all the bank channels except the ATM.
  • Deposits are unlimited and performed at no extra cost; through Postbank branches, Postbank Mashinani & M-Pesa agents.


Transactional Charges

Subscription to M-Chama service is free. However, respective money transfer charges apply on transactions conducted on the subscribers’ platform. The following charges apply:

  • Depositing is free however, M-pesa charges apply for those who use paybill number 200999.
  • Withdrawal across the counter is Kshs.70.
  • Internal cash transfers from a group account to a personal account within Postbank is free of charge.
  • Mobile phone withdrawal through USSD attracts a minimum fee of Kshs.59 depending on the amount.
  • USSD gateway access fee is Kshs.2 (chargeable on airtime)
  • Personalized Card fee (Optional) is issued at a fee – Kshs.400/=


  • Group Constitution/by-laws.
  • Registered groups: group valid certificate of registration
  • Unregistered groups: a letter of introduction from the caretaker NGO.
  • Group resolutions/minutes captioning agreement to open an account at Postbank.
  • Valid IDs (originals + copies) of designated group officials.
  • List of group members profiled by: Name, ID number, mobile number (if applicable) and signature or thumb mark of the applicant.