Premium Plus Account (Corporate Term Deposits)

This is a first class savings account that currently offers very attractive tax free interest rates of up to 9.0%** equivalent to 12.86% in other taxable savings and investments opportunities offered by other banks and money market funds thus allowing you to save up to 30% Tax – Under section 35 of the First Schedule of the Income Tax Act Cap 470, “Interest on a savings account held with the Kenya Post Office Savings Bank” is exempt from Taxation.

  • 10, 000,000 Minimum (consolidated funds).
  • Offers investment periods of minimum 3months but not exceeding 12 months.
  • Funds can be invested by Cash, Cheque or funds transfer.
  • Enjoy full tax exemption on interest earned from your investment
  • No Wealth management costs/Maintenance/Ledger/Monthly fees
  • Given an option to amalgamate funds and invest in a high interest tax free money market fund
  • Offers competitive interest rates, currently up to 9%**.