Western Union

Postbank is an agent of Western Union money transfer services in Kenya. Western Union instant money transfer service allows customers to instantly transfer cash electronically to another individual or company.

How To Receive Money
  • Visit any Postbank or Postbank agent Location. Check Postbank website for the list of Postbank branches for more information.
  • Provide the following information to the Teller at any Postbank/sub agent location :
    • Sender’s name.
    • Amount
    • Where money was sent from.
    • Test question and answer. (If applicable)
    • MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
  • Present a valid National ID, Passport or Alien Card to the Teller. (Foreigners MUST have a valid visa)
  • Speed: The Fastest way to Send Money Worldwide.
  • Reliability: Reliable funds transfer with guaranteed security.
  • Trust: Trusted by millions of customers around the World.
  • Convenience: Send or receive funds at any Postbank Branch near you.
How To Send Money
  • Visit any Postbank/Sub agent Location.
  • Provide the Teller with the following information :
    • Name of person you’re sending money to
    • Amount (Maximum principal send amount is 10,000 US dollars)
    • City and country where money will be picked up
  • Present a valid National ID, Passport or Alien Card the Teller.(Foreigners MUST have a valid visa)
  • Give the teller money with the completed form including the applicable fees
  • Collect Receipt
    • Save your receipt with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
    • Some countries require the Receiver to provide the MTCN from your receipt to pick up the money.
  • The Teller may ask for additional information (your government-issued photo ID, receiver’s name, payout country, test question/answer (where applicable)
  • Receiver Picks Up Money

*You are advised to provide the information on the transaction to the receiver.

Rates and Fees
  • Check with the Teller for the latest fees for funds transfer. The collection of money is free of charge for the receiver.
  • A currency exchange rate set by Western Union or its agents may be applied.
  • Prices subject to change to the Postbank’s hours of operation, and local regulations.